About Black Thunder Gear


Black Thunder is an outdoor gear company that specializes in providing customers with llama gear designed to handle any backcountry situation imaginable. We are committed to producing the most reliable and durable gear in the industry. We strive to provide customers with equipment that will enhance their experience in the outdoors. 

When out on the trial, organization is vital. There is no worse feeling than getting to camp and spending the first ten minutes trying to find your tent while the fish jump or the elk bugle. That’s why Black Thunder has begun developing an entire packing system to go along with our trusty saddles and panniers. We offer a wide assortment or storage bags that fit perfectly into our panniers and are currently working to develop new products to enhance all your backcountry adventures!

Black Thunder Gear was founded in 2019 by Brett Jones, a long time llama packer in the mountains of southwest Montana. It took only a couple of years for him to decide that the llama saddles and panniers on the market were not durable enough for the backcountry adventures that he sought. After over twenty years of perfecting his design, he finally decided to bring his items to the mark

Brett has always sought to find solutions to the problems he faces in the backcountry. He has developed hundreds of products over the years. However, he never found a passion in running a small business. After successfully operating Black Thunder for 3 years, Brett decided to hand  the company over to Dennis L. Dueñas in April of 2022.


Dennis L. Dueñas has been raising llamas and alpacas for nearly 20 years. He began guiding with llamas in 2015 through Montana Llama Guides. As someone who packs llamas for hundreds of miles a year there is no one better suited to truly test the durability of Black Thunder’s pack saddles and wide variety of accessories. 

This combination of innovative product development and intensive product testing is what makes Black Thunder the best llama gear company on the market. The importance of reliable equipment in the backcountry can be vital to survival, but why just survive when Black Thunder helps you thrive.