Brand Ambassador

Black Thunder Llama Gear is looking for dedicated brand influencers, outfitters, and llama packing businesses who share our passion for cutting edge innovation and high-quality built outdoor gear for pack llamas. Maybe think brand ambassador.

We're particularly interested in influencers who enjoy owning, training and packing llamas for hiking, fishing, and hunting trips. If you're a seasoned outdoor adventurer who wants to share your enthusiasm for quality outdoor llama gear and the unique experience of packing llamas, we want to hear from you!

As an influencer, you'll have the opportunity to showcase our gear and our commitment to quality materials and incredible construction. Through your posts and interaction on social media and in person, you'll highlight the features and benefits of our products. We’ll work with you on establishing these features and benefits for each product. 

Approved influencers who are active in promotion of Black Thunder Gear will receive 20% off retail price. Once approved, you'll receive a coupon code to shop our store.


Please keep in mind

  • You must be a providing llama related services to consumers similar to day hikes, overnight trips or rental services.
  • Discounted products are subject to availability.
  • Not all products are eligible for discount.
  • Shipping rates will apply.
  • International orders and shipping are not eligible. 
  • Please do not share your account information with anyone. This program is meant for you alone.
  • Misuse of this program is grounds for disqualification.
  • Black Thunder Gear reserves the right to cancel/suspend this program at any time without prior notice.
  • Black Thunder Gear reserves the right to change the discount and/or prices at any time without prior notice.
  • We ask to at least use our saddle, blanket, panniers and lead ropes.

We are excited to give out the opportunity to be apart of the Black Thunder Llama Gear Team.  We can’t wait to hear about your adventures with our products. If you really want to help spread the Black Thunder Gear experience, use our hashtags  #blackthundergear   #llamagear in all of your social media posts.


Do you qualify? Send your inquire to